About Me


Thank you very much for spending your time to visit this blog!

I'm Ilman, a student of Foundation of Medicine at Islamic Science University of Malaysia, Nilai, Negri Sembilan. I am very interested in photography and journalism; I strive to capture photographs that convey meanings — ultimately to spread the Divine Message through my lenses by showing the wonderful world that ALLAH has created for us :)

Why “shot in HIS name”?

Trust me: It’s useless to be a photographer. USELESS ... save the photographers who are true to their faith and work hard for it, and shoot for the truth with patience. For this reason I name my blog “shot in HIS name”, to remind me and fellow Muslim photographers to always shoot in the name of ALLAH. Bismillah ... snap!

My current line-up consists of a Sony DSLR α200, Sony AF 18-70mm kit lens, Sony AF 75-300mm telephoto, Minolta AF 50mm f1.7 fast prime and a YN460 speedlite. InshaALLAH the body will be upgraded to a Sony DSLR α580, and a Sony AF 35mm f1.8 SAM normal prime, a Minolta AF 35-105mm superzoom and a Sigma 10-20mm wideangle will be added to the lenses line-up :)

I apologise for any weaknesses — do tell me if you spot one!
Do enjoy and benefit from my photos!

May ALLAH be pleased with us.