Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome, Mia!


Imran and Adam got a new baby sister! A new little cutie :)

Congratulations, Kak Emma and Abang Badrul!


Imran and Adam (big bros) as well as Aleesya (cousin) are in a very exuberant mood, it seems!


Mia~!!! Grow up and be a good muslimah and mujahidah :D

20110311-mia-054 20110311-mia-091

Nenek and Atok are also happy :)


Leesya and Atok.


So cuuute~! Long time no see, Aleesya! *Gigit pipi baru tau!*


The ‘Akak-Dora’ smile, ngeee~

20110311-mia-043 20110311-mia-025

More Leesya-licious!


Mia – one more cutie to fill up my gigabytes and steal my shutter count!

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (pbuh) as saying: "No child is born but upon Fitra. He then said. Recite: 'The nature made by Allah in which He created man, there is no altering of Allah's nature; that is the right religion.'"

May Allah bless you.

Thank you for watching :)

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