Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mukhayyam ‘Arabiyy

My group with our instructor after the program ended

Mukhayyam ‘Arabiyy was a great program!

Tamhidi Centre organised an Arabic Literation Program or as it is informally called, Mukhayyam ‘Arabiyy, last weekend in order to improve the Arabic skills among Tamhidians.

It seems that not only linguistic skills that were being improved. For me, at least.

Every Tamhidi program was asked to do a presentation for the closing ceremony of the Mukhayyam. Tamhidi of Medicine had to do nasheed AND drama. And to top it off, I was made one of the emcees for the closing ceremony.

Alhamdulillah, with cooperation from my friends, especially Asyraf Saharudin and Yasmeen Hussein as the drama directors and Akmal Hizami as the nasheed coordinator, everything went smoothly.

Thank you so much, everyone :)

20110224-trainingmukhayyam-013 20110224-trainingmukhayyam-039

^ Training session.

20110226-mukhayyamarab-012 20110226-mukhayyamarab-013

^ Mukhayyam Day One


^ From left: Imraan, Syawal and me.


^ The girls’ part. And what is Mr. Director doing in the frame?


^ The munshidun :)


^ The real deal! "I have three wives and fifteen children."

I heard that some of the audience did cry because of our presentation! Subhanallah…

And Haziq, why isn’t there any picture of me emceeing on the stage!

That’s all, thank you for reading :)

Ahmad Ilman


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